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I Am Adopted Theresa Goldberga McDonald

I Am Adopted

Theresa Goldberga McDonald

Published August 14th 2012
Kindle Edition
22 pages
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 About the Book 

I am the mother of three biological children, five adopted children,I also fostered more than twenty children, was a Girl scout leader for forty two girls and a licensed daycare providerIf you are a Parent and reading this book,Share your love and be a foster parent or adopt a child, be the light to shine on a child and make them special, be the vehicle to transfer love to a child or children and make their life better, a child is waitingfor your hand and your voice to make a difference in their life.There million of Jane out there in the world andI would like you to know that you are not a number or a checkfor someone’s pocket but you are loved and chosen to be a partof someone life, God made no mistake and you definitely are not amistake but a perfect creation of God to be love and cared for, the hairon your head are numbered, the date of your birth was no accident, inthe eye of God you are special and in the eye of your adopted parentor parents you are special, and in the eye of your biological parentsyou are special because she chose to have you and not abort you, soshe should be loved by you too.